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Day Dreaming Derpy Demo v0.2 The Sweetie Belle Update is done and available for download at!


As mentioned before, the update contains new areas in both the real and dream worlds, 3 new uniforms/ styles of play, and plenty more.

===========TO PLAY, JUST DOWNLOAD THE NEW .ZIP FILE============

Use of save files from v0.11 and before are not guaranteed to function perfectly with v0.2. 

===============HOW TO ACCESS THE NEW DREAMS================

For those who have played v0.11 and before.

To directly access the new dream area, Once you get the Dreamworld for the first time(Sea of Clouds), talk to the owl on the bottom-left and receive the Update Balloon. Then talk to Dinky on the top of the area to get the “travel” option. The new area is on the top-left of the overworld map.

If there’s any bugs/glitches feel free to report to me here or on the other outlets!

Thanks guys~



It’s about that time again!

Day Dreaming Derpy v0.2 The Sweetie Belle Update will be coming soon.

This update will feature 3 new Uniforms that Derpy can use, 2 more dreams to explore, and 1 Cutie Mark Crusader to accompany you in the Dream World!
How soon is it coming? Pretty soon…

It’s gonna happen guys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /)

Thinking it'd help me save time to just link to the blog on tumblr.

Here's some images from the dev log~



For anyone who's played my previous works, you'd know that I'm fond of mechanics that change the way you look.

Now I do admit, I like playing dress up when playing video games and often, character customization helps stir up new ideas for character designs. I'm especially a fan of variant designs on the same character, a good example of this would be character skins in games like Overwatch. It's actually an acceptable form of extra creativity that's generally accepted on the developer's part as character skins don't always have to stick exclusively to the canon or be "lore-friendly".


It's an interesting feature that, along with extra polish to really sell the character's new get-up, can make what's essentially a simple asset swap, feel like a new, fresh take on an old character. Now while this concept is generally considered extra content, this sentiment is at the core to Derpy's Uniform mechanic.


Now, while the reason for all her uniforms make sense from a narrative perspective, it's my job as the designer/developer to instill the same sense of getting a different "flavor" on the same character, and tie together what is usually considered extra fun with design to the game's core elements.

And in development news, the sprites depicted above are new uniforms currently being implemented to the game. These can be obtained in real world, with each coming with their own workplace and new opportunities to earn bits. Currently in the base game, there are only two places to earn bits, the Post Office and with Trixie; by adding these new uniforms, the places where the player can earn bits would increase to 6, while the new combat styles from these uniforms changes to 7, including Derpy's starting class.

Going onward, next on the list would be the new dreams for v0.2 and what happens when you press the "Travel" button.

Thanks for your time, folks. And I look forward to presenting what I have planned for the month of love~

Put up a patch for the demo fixing a few issues since release. This should make it a smoother ride during certain parts.

Thanks guys.

** v0.11 fixes **
- Changed chances with stun effect
- Buffed Boss fights
- Fixed issue with lighting carrying over if use 'Wake Up' while lighting is off
- Fixed issue with keeping Moondancer if lose boss fight
- Added restore HP/MP after Post Office Job
- Moved furniture in Library, fixed touch conflict
- Fixed touch conflict in Mansion main room with Dinky and door
- Theatre #1 added ring SFX
- Remove key items after Dinky quest
- Fixed typos (most of them @^@)

Phase 1 is complete! To say the response to the DEMO v0.1 was overwhelming would be an understatement because as far as releases go, this might be the one of the most well received! First thing's first though...


I'm so glad that ya'll enjoyed the little I had to offer for the demo and I'm looking forward to further develop and polish this game for you all to enjoy in it's final form! But fear not, for those antsy enough not to wait for the full release, here's how the development builds are gonna go down!

The current version v0.1, while packed with everything I've worked on so far, does have some bugs and unintended events that couldn't be foreseen prior to release, so builds like v0.11 / v0.12 would be common enough to replace the current download at Think of these like patches that fix minor things in the current version to make the experience/gameplay smoother. Upon testing, old save files do function as they should with these small tweaks added, so simply transferring your save file to the new game folder would work just as fine and you can continue playing from where you left off.

Future builds like v0.2 or v0.3 and so on will contain major additions to the game, these include new dreams, areas, characters, additions to the battle system, etc. Essentially, with each new build I will be working closer toward the complete product with v1.0 being the "content complete" status. Save files can be transferred to the new game folder in the same way, but I'd do so with caution as crashes may occur if large changes conflict with the save file's data.

Game dev mumbo jumbo aside, if you watch for any updates or announcements for a new build, you'd slowly play the entire(yet flawed) pre-release version of the game. It's like getting a steady stream of appetizers before the main course!


Of course, I'll still be releasing dev logs on how the game's going and my ramblings on game design and whatnot; I hope this entertains those of you interested in following the game's behind the scenes progress.

As for anyone who has volunteered their services to help with development, I would like to thank you for all the offers. I'm sort of one-man-army-ing this thing so any help is appreciated and I will send out another post if, and when I do need to draw upon your phenomenal cosmic powers~!

Again, I'd like to thank everyone who has made this release get as big as it did! And feel free to let know if there's anything you'd like to see from me or in the game!

Thanks, ya'll @^@


It's here! The DEMO for Day Dreaming Derpy is available at!

Check it out here! ===>

Finally, after over three months of running headlong into a brick wall, I got something to show for it in the form of a demo that hopefully acquaints the player with the general formula of the game in the future. I hope that you'll enjoy what I've made for ya'll!

The following is DEMO v0.1, and is not the completed version of
Day Dreaming Derpy. As a result there may be bugs or gameplay
features not representative of the final product.

Day Dreaming Derpy Dev Log #8.5

2017-01-10 03:42:28 by sonicboy112


'Ey! What's good everyone? So I'm coming real close to wrapping things with the demo and just wanted to throw a small, half update in terms of how the game/demo will be maintained.

As this is the first time for me to not have a full, complete release for a project, I came to the realization that I'd have to get privy with the terms "alpha" and "ver. #" as, while the term "demo" is a complete package of meaning, it'd be best for me to refer to "Day Dreaming Derpy" as an evolving project.

For me, the goal of the demo is to provide a complete experience in terms of how the mechanics and the formula of the game will work within the beginning of the game to give the player a better understanding of what's to come when the full game is released.

Basic game dev talk aside, I'm polishing this bad boy up for shipment as we speak.

It's gonna happen guys @^@


Happy New Years everyone!

Aside from performing the blood sacrifices to get the demo done and trying (and failing) at keeping the sickness at bay, I’ve been keeping the holiday spirit alive here at my end to varying degrees. So to greet ya’ll for the new year, here’s a list of things that are fully implemented or nearly completed.

- First “dungeon” implemented with dialogue and arc
- Title screen graphic completed (press start to continue)
- Second “dungeon” implemented
- Intro sequence completed
- Battler sprites and side-view battle system implemented
- Dreamworld Hub implemented(above)
   - I just realized the it looks a LOT like Yume Nikki’s hubworld. What with all the doors and all.
   - Imitation is best form of flattery @~@

Not exactly a large list, but that takes care of the majority of the demo! Things that remain to be done are the real world locations and polish on the already completed segments! In terms of the release of the demo, I’ll be working nonstop in the coming days to get this to you guys sometime this month.

Hopefully this ol’ body of mine can hold out until then o~o
Ya’ll have a good new year~!  

Evening everyone. It's nice to come home after a long day of work, huh?


Our player character Derpy would know a lot about that since she works all over town doing different jobs high and low. But she's most well-known for her official occupation.

5409835_148092747471_mailderp_by_sonicboy112-daqloei.gif  5409835_148092747381_matt_by_sonicboy112-daqloee.gif

As an employee of the Post Office, Derpy needs to be quick, careful, and always be on time; these are qualities she fulfills to 'varying' degrees. This gives her access to a few skills only those in her line of work are able to pull off! These include the power to command envelopes to attack a group of enemies all at once, the ability to carry and drop packages of unfathomable weight atop an unfortunate individual, and the astonishing advantage of free next day delivery!

This is what I temporarily dubbed, the 'Uniform' mechanic, as based on what uniform Derpy wears from her many part-time jobs, she gains new abilities and stats specific to that profession. In this case, when Derpy changes into her 'mail-mare' uniform, her move-set and stats change, enabling her to play different roles in battle.

As I said before, Derpy works plenty of part-time jobs, so she'll have a number of 'Uniforms' to choose from, which will definitely yield some interesting results in combat @~@.

If we want to go into the reason why Derpy has this power in the first place, we would have to explore the vast dimensions of the 'Dream World'.


But as interesting as that sounds, I'm gonna have to make like our player character and work for it first. And in the meantime, help yourself to some concessions while you wait.


Thanks for readin'!