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Muffin Cloud(?) Dev Log #2

2016-08-17 17:32:22 by sonicboy112

Let’s talk about movement, or rather, means of traversal and how that affects how the player sees the world.

Before I start a project, I usually make a proof of concept (I call it dummy) project first just to see if I can actually implement the features and mechanics I want to have. I wanted to use the same sprite style from the Spike’s Day Off/Out, but i realized that while I was able to construct a decently sized “world“ just from 2d maps, I thought that there might be a way to create a map with both an X and Y axis while preserving the 2d perspective of the sprites… then I realized there was a game that had implemented that map design successively in each iteration.

Paper Mario.

Looking at a standard map of most Paper mario games, I also realized that 2d brawlers also pulled this off, albeit using only a single lane. in this case, Paper mario had the advantage of using its maps for exploration and spectacle, That, and adding mario’s jump gives the map another axis to work with, giving the illusion of 3d space. I am aware that the game’s maps were an actual 3d map with 2d characters to accentuate the paper aesthetic, but the same was achieved with classic brawlers, of which thrived on their raster graphics.

So maybe the same an be done here with Derpy and co.


Above is an image of the dummy/prototype wherein Derpy and an additional party member are walking on a 2-way floor, just to see if the 2d perspective holds up, similar to Dreaming Mary if anyone has played it. I then added one of the default maps to test out the 2-axis movement, and… it needed a few tweaks but it was serviceable- definately doable. Trying this out actually gave me a better idea of what those games did to make travesal seem more natural and more open.

But coming to a set decision, I believe using both kinds of map designs could sell the town ponyville. (the 1 dimensional and 2d, 2-axis approach).


Muffin Cloud(?) Dev Log #1

2016-08-13 03:04:09 by sonicboy112

Imma try something I've always wanted to do, that is, make a walk-through/Dev Log for an upcoming game I'm slowly abstracting. Basically give you guys my thought process(es) and methods I go through to hobble together these games I seem to be able to chug out. From initial thoughts to coding problems to playtesting, I wanna share what it's like to make a video game, because I really want to show that making games, from complex RPGs to simple point and clicks, is not as high of a goal to reach nor is it as esoterically complex as it seems to be. Basically this is to serve as a record for other budding developers or the curious onlooker to take note of and hopefully learn from.

So the game currently in works now is another RPGmaker game. After playing around with it and using the engine as intended, classic RPG and all, I'm thinking I can pull off some new tricks with it, ie. different perspectives new mechanics, etc.!

The game's working title isn't a really solid thing right now, but as a heads up, it's gonna be another MLP fangame, starring wall-eyed pegasus herself-

DERPY! *thunderously orgasmic applause*

Regardless of its reception, the episode "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" brought all the setup of the Luna's powers over dreams and the dreamworld to the forefront and created a setting with so much possibility that- yes, a game can be made that's inspired by it! (O__O) /)3

Here's the elevator pitch breakdown: We all dream. Psychology dictates what we see in dreams relate to your life in the waking world. Most of the time, this is to help us deal with what life throws at us. The thing is, we all deal with issues differently- and that's what causes some problems. Using MLP's concept of the dreamworld and what has influence over it, I hope to explore that premise through the lens of a JPRG format.

Sound familiar? That's because that's what the acclaimed Persona series of games explores! While Atlus blows the JRPG genre out the water most of the time, the RPG holds a special place in established game tropes, so much so, that delivering a story through its world and mechanics can almost be universally understood when picking it up. While this may or may not be a good thing, using it as a vehical for an interactive experience is something that must never be underestimated.

So... Derpy-sona? Muffins-RPG? Dreamin' Derpy? Told you, the title's a work in progress and so is the game!
I hope to be able to share more of my thoughts on this next post!


(I'm gonna be running this on tumblr too so check that out!)

Experimental Dev Blog?

2015-06-01 17:24:31 by sonicboy112

I normally operate from deviantart, but since newgrounds was my genesis, I'll concurrently post some experimental games, concepts, which I can link to my other sites.

I look forward to entertaining you all.