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What’s good ya’ll, hope this find you well!

So I recently implemented a change in controls for something specific. I used to have specific action prompts for certain objects; if anyone who played remembers a previous post…


You would have had to use the ‘A’ key on the keyboard to interact with certain things. I have now made it so that interaction with all objects are universally set to the ‘confirm’ button- these being either the ‘SPACE’ bar or ‘Z’ key on the keyboard. Hence a change in graphics was in order.


There’s a great lesson in game design that can be gleamed from this- sometimes the simpler, more functional method can be the key to better understanding for the player.

My slant to this in the beginning was to differentiate certain actions from other more-”regular” actions; I thought that, in theory, using a different button to interact with things would convey that, but alas… I did not consider the confusion it would cause, especially to those using a controller. (I didn’t know you could play RPGmaker games with a controller ლ(´ڡ`ლ)  )

There are a few problems with my old implementation. The first is that the action is already being differentiated through the text in the speech bubble, so even if the same button is used, a prompt can provide a change in perspective despite it being only visual. The second problem is that, as a game designer, one must be, if you excuse my language, a master of misdirection, to convey to the player information they need without spoon-feeding it to them. And that’s a difficult, but somewhat reachable balance to achieve. (Think the intro to Megaman X vs an overbearing-parent-of-a-tutorial)

That aside, development’s picking up as of now, with the implementation of new areas and the polishing of the battle system and characters.

Speaking of new areas…


Let’s see how many memes I can milk from this…

Anyway, back to work.


Thanks everyone

Evening guys, things have gotten a lot busier around here but I wanted to drop some info on how progress is going.


I decided to make some additions to Scootaloo’s section of dreams as, after giving some thought to their feedback, both dreams could use more substance to help with their brevity.

It was an interesting process to create these additions as both required a reevaluation of what both dreams were to reveal about the ponies having them; good or bad.


Take Scootaloo’s Rainbow Factory Dream. Issues players ran into could be summarized in the lack of context for the things present in the dream and their connection to Scootaloo; rather it is the sense that it is not immediately or obviously a product of Scootaloo’s character.

I’m going to be using a slightly tangential example to avoid spoilers.

A good example would be Moondancer’s raggedy house in Amending Fences. Firstly, it is a piece of environment that wouldn’t be immediately associated with the yet-to-be-introduced Moondancer. If anything, it served as the first piece of characterization for her- the lack of dialogue or the slight mention of the state of her own abode leaves enough room for the audience or characters to fill in the gaps of Moondancer’s character, and those pieces of information we are given in the beginning of the episode don’t exactly give us the best impression of her. But that is only one of many stories we, as observers, can make up to better flesh out this character.

Basically, it isn’t really so curious that Scootaloo would have multiple portraits of Rainbow Dash in her dreams.

And so, essentially the same is being done for the other dream in Scootaloo’s section. Reworking, seeing what to keep and what to re-contextualize. There isn’t too much that will be changed as I’m probably adding content than removing.

As for the rest of the game, assets are coming along at slower pace as most efforts are on tweaking what’s already implemented, but work will pick up soon as I get to the bigger, more plot-intensive areas.


Thanks for your time and until next update!


Patch v0.32 Minor Fixes

2017-06-14 16:08:34 by sonicboy112

Just added a small patch fixing some small bugs; available for download now.
Hopefully it'll make the ride smoother for ya'll!

** v0.32 Fixes **
- Using "Wake Up" with Dinky in Applebloom area, Applebloom follows into real world fixed.
- Stamp shop visual bug
- Big Mac Dream, quest collects 4 Zap Apples. Originally took 5 and made the next quest impossible. Fixed.
- Fixed certain moves that decreased HP to a decimal (hopefully)


Patch v0.31 (...My bad)

2017-06-09 04:25:21 by sonicboy112


Here’s small patch that fixes a small, potentially game-breaking bug.

The download is available at

Apologies for the oversight ya’ll.

** v0.31 Fixes **
- Using “Wake Up” with Dinky in Applebloom area, Applebloom follows into real world fixed.


So v0.2 has came and went, and I’ve been really happy to hear your feedback since release. This is the first major content update, so expect future updates of a similar nature to go just the same as The Sweetie Belle Update, i.e. new dreams, characters, game balancing etc.

I also wanted to address some common problems I’ve noticed and try my best to remedy them here and in the game.

1) Old saves from the past versions crash the game.

There have been many reports of crashes when using the old saves from v0.1 or v0.11, usually when entering the shop menu. I’m going to try to not get too technical, but essentially I added what’s called a script to RPGmaker to modify how the shop screens look. I’m assuming that the old saves don’t have the meta-data for the assets needed for the script to function properly; and as a result, an error is thrown, stopping the game.

In common-speak, I had added a new feature that uses images not found in the save files from the previous versions. I understand that it must be less than ideal for those who have played since v0.1, to lose that progress just to create a new save to properly play the rest of the game, so I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this oversight.

On a positive note, the shop system is already fully implemented, thus issues like this shouldn’t be a problem in future patches (at least I hope so…).

2) Apparently the controls vary depending on your computer.

This has been an issue since release. In development, I usually use the standard RPGmaker [SPACE BAR] and [0] key arrangement for testing. After watching a few Lets Plays (Thanks guys!), I learned that arrangement isn’t the same for everyone, especially with ya’ll peeps with fancy custom keyboard settings and controllers. But so far, the [Z] and [X] key combo seems to work fine for everyone, so I’ll adjust the tutorial accordingly so it isn’t confusing when trying out the controls.

Also, if the controls aren’t to your liking, RPGmaker is nice enough to come with a command to open a menu to map out your preferred controller options. Neato right?

3) RPGmaker VX Ace doesn’t support widescreen, 16:9 aspect ratio (╯°□°)╯

Another tip taken from the Lets Plays, Day Dreaming Derpy’s aspect ratio is 640x480, which is the maximum for RPGmaker VX Ace, to my knowledge. This really makes a difference when it is put to fullscreen. Since stretching the screen only causes the pixel art to look a little too funky, I opted for the safer route to keep the integrity of the pixels.


While the Sweetie Belle Update was just one of the three major updates (only 2 more to go!) before actual release, there’s still more to take care of and I’m always taking volunteers! I’m mainly in need for SFX and music, but if there’s something else you’d like to contribute, just send me a message and I’ll try to get back to you! 

Now that I got ya’ll up to speed, plans are in the works for the next patch of a similar size. It’ll probably be easy to guess what’s coming next, in light of Sweetie Belle’s role in the Dreamworld.

But enough talk-


There’s a game that needs to get made. ( ゚Д゚)

Day Dreaming Derpy Demo v0.2 The Sweetie Belle Update is done and available for download at!


As mentioned before, the update contains new areas in both the real and dream worlds, 3 new uniforms/ styles of play, and plenty more.

===========TO PLAY, JUST DOWNLOAD THE NEW .ZIP FILE============

Use of save files from v0.11 and before are not guaranteed to function perfectly with v0.2. 

===============HOW TO ACCESS THE NEW DREAMS================

For those who have played v0.11 and before.

To directly access the new dream area, Once you get the Dreamworld for the first time(Sea of Clouds), talk to the owl on the bottom-left and receive the Update Balloon. Then talk to Dinky on the top of the area to get the “travel” option. The new area is on the top-left of the overworld map.

If there’s any bugs/glitches feel free to report to me here or on the other outlets!

Thanks guys~



It’s about that time again!

Day Dreaming Derpy v0.2 The Sweetie Belle Update will be coming soon.

This update will feature 3 new Uniforms that Derpy can use, 2 more dreams to explore, and 1 Cutie Mark Crusader to accompany you in the Dream World!
How soon is it coming? Pretty soon…

It’s gonna happen guys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /)

Thinking it'd help me save time to just link to the blog on tumblr.

Here's some images from the dev log~



For anyone who's played my previous works, you'd know that I'm fond of mechanics that change the way you look.

Now I do admit, I like playing dress up when playing video games and often, character customization helps stir up new ideas for character designs. I'm especially a fan of variant designs on the same character, a good example of this would be character skins in games like Overwatch. It's actually an acceptable form of extra creativity that's generally accepted on the developer's part as character skins don't always have to stick exclusively to the canon or be "lore-friendly".


It's an interesting feature that, along with extra polish to really sell the character's new get-up, can make what's essentially a simple asset swap, feel like a new, fresh take on an old character. Now while this concept is generally considered extra content, this sentiment is at the core to Derpy's Uniform mechanic.


Now, while the reason for all her uniforms make sense from a narrative perspective, it's my job as the designer/developer to instill the same sense of getting a different "flavor" on the same character, and tie together what is usually considered extra fun with design to the game's core elements.

And in development news, the sprites depicted above are new uniforms currently being implemented to the game. These can be obtained in real world, with each coming with their own workplace and new opportunities to earn bits. Currently in the base game, there are only two places to earn bits, the Post Office and with Trixie; by adding these new uniforms, the places where the player can earn bits would increase to 6, while the new combat styles from these uniforms changes to 7, including Derpy's starting class.

Going onward, next on the list would be the new dreams for v0.2 and what happens when you press the "Travel" button.

Thanks for your time, folks. And I look forward to presenting what I have planned for the month of love~

Put up a patch for the demo fixing a few issues since release. This should make it a smoother ride during certain parts.

Thanks guys.

** v0.11 fixes **
- Changed chances with stun effect
- Buffed Boss fights
- Fixed issue with lighting carrying over if use 'Wake Up' while lighting is off
- Fixed issue with keeping Moondancer if lose boss fight
- Added restore HP/MP after Post Office Job
- Moved furniture in Library, fixed touch conflict
- Fixed touch conflict in Mansion main room with Dinky and door
- Theatre #1 added ring SFX
- Remove key items after Dinky quest
- Fixed typos (most of them @^@)