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Day Dreaming Derpy Dev Log #15 Useful Feedback

2017-09-05 02:33:30 by sonicboy112

Evening guys, things have gotten a lot busier around here but I wanted to drop some info on how progress is going.


I decided to make some additions to Scootaloo’s section of dreams as, after giving some thought to their feedback, both dreams could use more substance to help with their brevity.

It was an interesting process to create these additions as both required a reevaluation of what both dreams were to reveal about the ponies having them; good or bad.


Take Scootaloo’s Rainbow Factory Dream. Issues players ran into could be summarized in the lack of context for the things present in the dream and their connection to Scootaloo; rather it is the sense that it is not immediately or obviously a product of Scootaloo’s character.

I’m going to be using a slightly tangential example to avoid spoilers.

A good example would be Moondancer’s raggedy house in Amending Fences. Firstly, it is a piece of environment that wouldn’t be immediately associated with the yet-to-be-introduced Moondancer. If anything, it served as the first piece of characterization for her- the lack of dialogue or the slight mention of the state of her own abode leaves enough room for the audience or characters to fill in the gaps of Moondancer’s character, and those pieces of information we are given in the beginning of the episode don’t exactly give us the best impression of her. But that is only one of many stories we, as observers, can make up to better flesh out this character.

Basically, it isn’t really so curious that Scootaloo would have multiple portraits of Rainbow Dash in her dreams.

And so, essentially the same is being done for the other dream in Scootaloo’s section. Reworking, seeing what to keep and what to re-contextualize. There isn’t too much that will be changed as I’m probably adding content than removing.

As for the rest of the game, assets are coming along at slower pace as most efforts are on tweaking what’s already implemented, but work will pick up soon as I get to the bigger, more plot-intensive areas.


Thanks for your time and until next update!



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