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Day Dreaming Derpy Demo v0.2 The Sweetie Belle Update

2017-03-19 03:38:36 by sonicboy112

Day Dreaming Derpy Demo v0.2 The Sweetie Belle Update is done and available for download at!


As mentioned before, the update contains new areas in both the real and dream worlds, 3 new uniforms/ styles of play, and plenty more.

===========TO PLAY, JUST DOWNLOAD THE NEW .ZIP FILE============

Use of save files from v0.11 and before are not guaranteed to function perfectly with v0.2. 

===============HOW TO ACCESS THE NEW DREAMS================

For those who have played v0.11 and before.

To directly access the new dream area, Once you get the Dreamworld for the first time(Sea of Clouds), talk to the owl on the bottom-left and receive the Update Balloon. Then talk to Dinky on the top of the area to get the “travel” option. The new area is on the top-left of the overworld map.

If there’s any bugs/glitches feel free to report to me here or on the other outlets!

Thanks guys~


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2017-03-22 08:05:24

Hi there! I can help you with music if you want