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Day Dreaming Derpy Dev Log #11 NEW UNIFORMS!

2017-02-04 22:47:06 by sonicboy112

For anyone who's played my previous works, you'd know that I'm fond of mechanics that change the way you look.

Now I do admit, I like playing dress up when playing video games and often, character customization helps stir up new ideas for character designs. I'm especially a fan of variant designs on the same character, a good example of this would be character skins in games like Overwatch. It's actually an acceptable form of extra creativity that's generally accepted on the developer's part as character skins don't always have to stick exclusively to the canon or be "lore-friendly".


It's an interesting feature that, along with extra polish to really sell the character's new get-up, can make what's essentially a simple asset swap, feel like a new, fresh take on an old character. Now while this concept is generally considered extra content, this sentiment is at the core to Derpy's Uniform mechanic.


Now, while the reason for all her uniforms make sense from a narrative perspective, it's my job as the designer/developer to instill the same sense of getting a different "flavor" on the same character, and tie together what is usually considered extra fun with design to the game's core elements.

And in development news, the sprites depicted above are new uniforms currently being implemented to the game. These can be obtained in real world, with each coming with their own workplace and new opportunities to earn bits. Currently in the base game, there are only two places to earn bits, the Post Office and with Trixie; by adding these new uniforms, the places where the player can earn bits would increase to 6, while the new combat styles from these uniforms changes to 7, including Derpy's starting class.

Going onward, next on the list would be the new dreams for v0.2 and what happens when you press the "Travel" button.

Thanks for your time, folks. And I look forward to presenting what I have planned for the month of love~


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