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Day Dreaming Derpy Dev Log #17 Pretty Darn Close and Youtube Channel

Posted by sonicboy112 - November 21st, 2017

Greetings everyone, been down with the sickness recently but I wanted to get this out when I had the time.

First thing’s first! I’ve been lucky enough to receive a hefty amount of support in the form of original music from 2 more volunteers!



We’ve been shooting messages back and forth for a bit and it’s been awesome of them to compose for the game so far! I’ll be sure to post some of their tracks soon!

So lately I’ve been working on a lot of minor kinks in the Uniform system, chief among them is the implementation of a new feature- changing Uniforms during battle!


Semi-interesting story with this, I was looking at the battle options, which before had the options Bop, Skills, Guard, and Items. The least used among those options, pretty obviously was Guard, as it functioned much like a ‘Skip Turn’ button with the state it gives the character doing nothing much beside boosting defense. I didn’t have any mechanics connecting to that so I thought it was best to either leave it alone or get rid of it. Removing the command altogether resulted in an asymmetric-looking box with an empty space while leaving it meant keeping a command of no consequence.

Then I started experimenting. Considering the game’s inspirations, the Persona series’ switching between personas and movesets largely mirrored Derpy’s Uniforms so I set out to see if it was possible to implement it.

The good news: it works! Selecting the Uniforms is essentially selecting a secondary skill type with the skills’ functions acting as options for each Uniform. It works completely as intended.

The bad news: it took an entire day to implement. It’s a pretty significant trade off considering the fact that I was creating assets for the final areas, it was probably something I could have done after the area was physically completed, but sometimes going down that rabbit hole will take you somewhere.

So where does this leave Day Dreaming Derpy’s progress?

I’d say pretty darn close to the completion of the base game. Granted, that doesn’t include polish, some additional areas and dialogue but functionally on its way to v1.0.

Next item on the list is how jobs will work. Rather than explain it, take a gander at this!

On the the topic of videos- I made a Youtube Channel!

Content I plan to post there would largely be stuff that’s too bandwidth-heavy for tumblr or twitter, things like my process for pixel art or things similar to the above video.

Feel free to check it out!

Gonna try to regain my health soon so I could get back to work and get this out to the world.

Thanks everyone.